About Theo


I'm from year 1960. Dad, Skoda-owner, employee, townhouse owner.
Just an ordinary Danish average citizen.

At this blog I´ll publish what ever photo as long as I think it has "a feeling". It´s a kind of "test area" here, and I would be very glad if you tell me what you think of theese "strange" and often "uneven" photos.

I write a blog once and a while. It´s in danish language only. Try Google if you are really eager to read it in your own language :-)
The blog is HERE

Photography Equipment

Canon 5D MKII
Fuji X-100S
Canon 40D
Canon EF 35mm f:2.0
Canon EF 24-105 L IS USM f:4.0
Sigma 17-70 mm f:2.8

Olympus TRIP 35